Integrated Polymer Solutions operates manufacturing businesses exclusively focused on polymers such as elastomers and composites.

Each of our companies takes a unique approach to transforming raw materials into specialized components of larger OEM assemblies.

With our deep design engineering and manufacturing expertise, we enable our customers to provide quality OEM products to their customers as efficiently as possible.

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Rubbercraft - manufacturer of elastomeric seals and tooling for composites manufacturing.

Northern Engineering - U.K. based manufacturer of specialized O-rings, molded and extruded elastomers.

Creavey Seal Company - manufacturer of Teflon-encapsulated O-rings.

Sanders Composites - manufacturer of composite structures for aerospace applications.

Fabritech - manufacturer of EMI/RFI shielding products.

Composite Fabrications Inc. New

Produces Advanced Composite Details, Assemblies, and Tooling for Aerospace, Military and Commercial Applications.


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